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and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. >> you know, it looks like republicans are up against another wall. but they're not going to be able to get -- they're not going to be able to get, quite frankly, some things they really want, if they're serious, are important. spending issues. but this is -- he's got them again. >> here's the problem with the republican party being owned by extremists on issues not related to the debt. let me tell you something, the president of the united states, it's laughable that he would talk about republicans not being responsible on debt issues when this president has been in the white house since january the 20th, 2009, and he has yet to do anything significant on social security or medicare. he cut medicare, so he could start a new entitlement program. that's not making medicare more solvent. he hasn't done anything to curb the costs of medical expenses, which he said he was going to do. he did nothing. he struck back room deals with hospitals, big pharma, with special interests and now he's saying republicans are being reckless.
and has people scratching their heads. the united states of america, while everybody's patting themselves on the back, we just added 4 trillion more dollars to the national debt. >> on every one of your substantive points, you're right. this is a bad bill that made a bad situation worse. the only thing that's reassuring to the rest of the world was simply that it avoided going over the cliff. so all the substance, all the details are bad. you've got to ultimately deal with entitlements. this did nothing. you've got to deal with economic growth. this did nothing. the only thing it did was avoided sending the signal that we really are reckless and out of control. >> we are reckless. we are out of control. and mark halperin, this is what's so stunning to me. is you look at the things we have to take care of over the next 20 years. and we have to take care of it now, or else seniors suffer really disproportionately over the next decade. social security. medicare, medicaid, entitlements. nothing touched there. no, it was going to be touched. the president even said, he told david gregory, yeah
someone to be president of the united states insult them, that was the one thing that put the lid on -- >> probably not a good marketing strategy. hey, coke ads life, but in this case, we'd rather you die. people aren't going to buy coke. >> andrew ross sorkin wants in. >>> think the bigger issue this framed up and why it's so important, not just this past year but going into this next year, it reframed the inequality story in this country. we talk about makers and takers. to me, the 47% in many ways reflected what the occupy wall street folks talked about when they talked about we are the 99%. ho hopeful hopefully, i hope that issue of romney's commencemet as short a was, reignited in this country the kind of jobs we want and raised issues about unions. it's much more than a political sentence and taken on all sorts of other meanings that has changed the debate and already changed the debate as we go into the new year. >> what's interesting the president won, know doubt about it, he won handily. you look at the one big event a lot of us thought might be the defining moment, it wa
and the president made aware of the classified cable from chris stevens that the united states consulate in benghazi could not survive a sustained assault? numerous warnings including personally to me about the security, were unanswered or unaddressed. >> reporter: she countered that congress has cut money for security. >> currently the house has holds on bilateral security assistance, on other kinds of support for anti-terrorism assistance. so we've got to get our act together between the administration and the congress. >> reporter: after a break, the house was even tougher than the senate. >> i think when you have a united states ambassador personally warning about the situation over there, sending this cable to your office -- >> if i could -- 1.43 million cables a year come to the state department. they are all addressed to me. >> madam secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap. and that's national security malpractice. >> reporter: throughout the day, the subtext for partisans on both sides, this was not the last act for hillary clinton. >> you will be sorely missed, but i, for one,
. the republican party i'm sorry, we have our backs against the wall. the president of the united states has a 52% approval rating. john boehner has an 18% approval rating. the tea party, a 9% approval rating. i wonder what lens they are looking through. >> well i think that's the problem. i think that's the problem with ted cruz's performance yesterday, michael steele because that is not what i think we're going to see down the road road, the new republican party is going to look like. >> i think coming on the heels of the inauguration in the next few weeks, what the american people are looking for is that rodney king moment that little bit of light where we can get along and begin to get things done. i think to joe's point, and to yours, mika yesterday ted cruz was sending out another call taking a different tone and direction than the one the american people are expecting beginning in this atmosphere with the inauguration, the excitement of that. people expect the partisanship to get to the water's edge and stop and begin something fresh. >> by the way, this is not fo
something called the second amendment to the constitution of the united states. anthony scalia in 2009 said they can't come and take your guns away. you can have a handgun to protect your family. but outside of that, they can regulate guns. and if you're a survivalist and you really believe the federal government is coming to kill you and your children, if that's your view in 2013, your paranoid, sick, twisted view, good luck getting the republicans to jump in your pickup truck and drive off the cliff towards political oblivion. that's what's going to happen. wake up. >> that group of people. then there's the towns and cities that are the home base to gun manufacturers. if you look at colt firearms outside hartford, connecticut, the state voted against -- or actually put off a vote on a certain inscription on the gun so they can track them better because colt threatened to leave. money. >> to that point and to joe's point, gun profits are largely what this is about more than regulation. >> it's money. >> sure. it's gun profits. >> the nra is about money. >> but a derivative of it in terms o
of the president of the united states, i kept walking. that's the greatest thing. for an again the first class in first grade in mississippi that was integrated, to go from where we were in 1969, to now where a black man getting inaugurated president of the united states is nothing spectacular. that's amazing. knew said something very very important. someone said yesterday that when we knew the country was solid was not when george washington became the first president but when we received the election of the second. yesterday, i think you're right. when we saw we passed a certain point was the second election of president obama. it wasn't the economy was bad, it wasn't bush was bad, this where is the nation decided to elect a man and didn't get caught up on the race question. it was a very big moment. >> by the way, you can oppose the president on virtually every issue without opposing him because he is a black man. that is just as important. >> and his birth certificate. >> he is just a man -- by the way, mika, let's talk donald trump and ask if he will do that the next four years. >> the co
hear this all the time. and it's one of the -- it's really one of the things that unites at least 95% of the members. they're sick and tired of getting elected to go up to washington, do their job, sit on committees, work through bills that come through their committees, and then take those bills to the house floor, the senate floor, vote on them, then go to conference. i joked before, it was a lot like, you know, i'm just a bill. "schoolhouse rock." that doesn't happen anymore. americans don't realize that you always end up with a couple of people behind closed doors in the back -- we were on the hill yesterday. i heard this complaint from republicans, from democrats, from senators, from congressmen and congresswomen. they all say the same thing. we don't get to do our jobs. they come up here and in the end it's always the president and john boehner in a back room, and we just sit around. >> so much of the disillusionment you hear from members who feel they're going to make a difference is exactly what you're talking about. and so much of the infighting is really not so much between
that there's still the kind of unit cohesion and efficiency, the physical standards in certain kinds of units be maintained. but i think there's been a sense from both sides especially on the armed services committee who look at these issues up close that the time has come and that it's not a battle they're going to fight or they don't even see really a reason to. i think in part knowing that if they put trust in the commanders to do it in a way that makes sense and allows for this sort of career advancement that women in the military have not been able to have access to because they weren't in these kinds of jobs, i think that there's pretty smooth sailing for this. >> but richard, there will be, obviously, limits, correct? for certain assignments that women can do based on physical ability? >> well, i think there are physical limits for everyone in a combat position. i don't think that's particularly different. >> if i can interrupt you, it is. there's a reason why there are no women in the nfl. there's a reason why there are no women in major league baseball. there's a reason why there are
in the decision on whether their father was going to step forward to be president of the united states, to run for president, one of the most bone-crushing sacrificing things any husband or wife can do to their family. and the second they make that decision, their children and their entire family have targets on their backs. and the nra is putting something out like -- what's wrong with these people, putting out apps that 4-year-olds can play on the anniversary of the newtown murders, and now putting out an ad talking about the president's daughters? >> they are out of step, out of the mainstream, totally out of sync with what's going on in our society. and quite frankly after seeing that, i think some of the people who run that thing are sick. i really do. i think they are sick in the head. and i'm serious. i am embarrassed right now. i'm embarrassed for our country that we have a section of society, the nra, which should have a voice, certainly trying to protect a constitutional amendment. i understand that. and there's a really legitimate he do bait the debate there. they just took it and b
is for the united states of america. >> we didn't choose to be born and do we fit into the times we're born into. >> i don't know about myself. you maybe. >>> welcome back to the morning edition of morni"morning joe." >> enjoy your holidays? >> great. >> fantastic. >> thank you for spending part of your morning with us. this hour, we're talking "lincoln." >> wish they would leave. they came over. i never even met them. >> do you know their names yet? >> i never even met them. hey, neighbor. >> hey, how are you? good to see you. it's like, i don't know your name. i hate it when it happens. >> i will buy them all tickets to my favorite movie of the year, "lincoln," hand it to them online. go in my door and lock it. this is a heck of a coincidence. the steven spielberg film based on doris good wwin's book on ho t this president ended slavery. the film turned out to be the talk of the political world with special screenings for capitol hill, newspaper editorials come pairing the 1860s to today and pundits expressing renewed respect for the art of the political deal. >> academy award winning director
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know that's the bloody flag that the president of the united states wants to wave to his left-wing base -- >> this is it. absolutely. zr >> -- you give everything you can. remember those nimrods that were standing up on the stage and were giving the 10-1 option, would you raise $1 in taxes for $10 in spending cuts? >> those nimrods, by which you mean all of the republican presidential candidates, those nimrods. >> those nimrods. i was on my couch and i was, like, yes, yes, yes. because we all know ronald reagan was promised 3-1. he never got it. george w. bush was promised 2-1. he never got it. if you could get 10-1, that would -- >> that would be a rout. >> i was going to say, that would be a ronald reagan dream. that would be a ron paul dream. >> right. >> you know what the ratio was yesterday? >> hmm? >> not computable. >> no, it was computable. i saw it somewhere. 1-43. $1 in spending cuts for every $43 in tax increases. you don't take the 10-1 but 1-43, an absolute disaster, an absolute, absolute failure in leadership on the republican party's side, on all sides. this is a party wi
health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >>> 23 past the hour. time to take a look at the morning papers. the "new york times" on the heels of paying back a $182 billion bailout. aig is mulling whether or not to sue the federal government. on wednesday, the company's board will consider joining a $25 billion shareholder lawsuit. the litigants argue the government's high interest rates on the loan cheated shareholders out of billions of dollars. >> the "charlotte observer," 10 mortgage lenders including bank of america ca and wells fargo have made a settlement totaling $8.5 billion and go to cash payments and mortgage relief and e
. >> exactly. >> and i've got to say, what strikes me is the president of the united states tells john boehner he's getting sick and tired of hearing that it's just a spending problem? well, it is. just if you look at the math, it's a spending problem. and i find, andrea mitchell, that now that democrats have their tax increases, they haven't moved on to start talking about entitlement reform. they're talking about more tax increases because they have no second act here. and as this op-ed says, tax increases aren't going to fix our problem. that tax increase paid for five days of government next year. >> and in fact, until the democrats get their arms around the reality that they have to deal with entitlements and that this white house has to deal with entitlements, there's not going to be a conversation with the hill. and you're right about the fiscal cliff being a nothing burger, but the next one is going to be a lot more serious because defaulting on the debt is a completely different animal. >> so the question is how to get the two parties to seriously talk about spending. and you know, th
that are going to end up -- >> just let it be the wild west. >> -- in the united states of america. why do we even try to stop al qaeda, right? they say they're going to attack us again. so why don't we let down all of our defenses and just give up? >> one of the problems or the problem, i think, with the story they told over and over again about the georgia woman with the two infants is that she did defend herself. she shot the guy five times, and he left the home. she had a gun with six rounds in it. she was able to defend herself. >> she didn't kill him. >> on your other point about lapierre on the universal background checks, cbs poll shows 92% of americans favor them including 89% of republicans and 93% of gun households, people with guns. 93%. >> willie, these people are such -- wayne lapierre is from the survivalist wing of the nra. and if you're lindsey graham or other republicans that are going to march off the cliff with wayne lapierre, you're a fool. you're going to get what you deserve. and more republicans are going to lose. nobody listened to me. nobody listen to me. and colin p
have perjured themselves under sworn testimony. >> it's an outrage. >> the united states congress. what's america coming to? >> this is good news. >> they're cheaters. these cheaters, these felons, these perjurers are not being honored. >> they should say that they shouldn't be. >> i couldn't be happier. you listen to the sports writers, these dorks just being so offended by the fact that these cheaters, these felons, these perjurers -- >> that's horrible. >> -- not being allowed in. >> you know, a huge percentage of members of the baseball writers association vote honorably and honestly. this was a resounding vote against the steroid era, but it's replete with hypocrisy, especially with a few of the players like mike piazza or jeff bagwell because they are not voted in because there's a suspicion that they used steroids. but the suspicion existed when they were playing. so no one wrote about it. no one said anything about it. but now you vote against a player because of a suspicion. >> by the way, of course, i'm talking, obviously, willie, about bonds and clemens. but piazza may be one
to destroy, all the money he got from the united states post office, all the fans he lied to, all the fans he let down, and he was so arrogant about it. >> yeah. >> you know, that's the thing about bonds. we were talking last week about the hall of fame. that's the thing about bonds and so many of these other guys. canseco came out and basically told the truth years ago. and they just turned on him and attacked him. he's an easy guy to attack, i understand. but they just lied for years. it's the arrogance. you know, pettitte, he admitted it early on. hey, i did it to get better, faster. i made a mistake. i'm really sorry. and how do you not love andy pettitte? you forgive him, right? >> absolutely. >> but clemens, a jerk. >> yeah. rafael palmeiro pointing at the hearing. >> you just think about all these bans, you know. every one of those livestrong bands that was sold to young kids, to all of us everywhere, it's just unbelievable. it's going to be a big ratings coup for oprah's network. >> yes, it will. >> that's for sure. >>> let's get to "politico." with us who you, chief white house corre
to cause serious problems for a school that really is one of the icons of the united states. >> yeah. i mean, notre dame is going to take a huge hit on this. huge, huge hit. if he had played at occidental, no one would know about his imaginary girlfriend, but notre dame will take a huge hit, and deservedly so, as dave points out. dave, thanks very much. >>> up next, mike allen joins us with the "political playbook." you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. >>> there it is, the terre haute, indiana, airport. no, no, that's reagan national in washington, d.c. thus with us now, chief white house correspondent for "politico," mike allen here with the morning "playbook." mike, go, hit it. >> happy friday and happy inaugural weekend. >> beautiful. >> signature. >> yeah, absolutely. valerie jarrett, we just had a still picture of valerie coming in. and she is the focus in this morning's "politico," hugely, hugely influential figure. >> yeah. we stopped by yesterday, talked to valerie jarrett in her second floor west wing office. used to be hillary clinton's office, karl rove's office
of the world's most famous fortifications began. originally several different walls, it was eventually united as one. the morning mist. isn't that beautiful? and right over there, i can see my first glimpse of the great wall of china. ooh, this is so exciting. the great wall of china, stretching and winding over 4,000 miles of hills here in china. one of the seven great wonders of the world and the single greatest feat of architecture in china. the great wall is an easy excursion from beijing, china's capital city. there are four main points of entry to the great wall, and the badaling gate is the closest. but i ventured a little further to the mutianyu section, about 90 minutes outside of beijing, to avoid the crowds. construction on the wall began in the warring states period in china. several separate walls were built, and then china's emperor shin bridged the gaps and united the people to protect china from the huns-- invading tribes threatened china's northern border. he put guards on watch 24/7. wow. these guard houses are a lot bigger than they look from down below. i mean, there's lit
year ever recorded by far in the lower 48 of the united states. that goes back over about 100 years. so very impressive stuff. it's a little chilly this morning. northern new england is really the only spot in the eastern half of the country that's cold. the rest of the areas not bad at all. still in the 30s at this hour. and we're going to see a nice mild afternoon. no travel issues at all for your wednesday. new england all the way through the mid-atlantic. even back to the great lakes and ohio valley. but if you're flying today, dallas, san antonio to houston, any of those major airports have the possibility of heavy rain and some delays. thankfully, we didn't have any tornadoes last night. we were a little concerned about that. so we keep our streak going. this is the longest streak we've ever had in this nation with no tornado deaths. so that storm system continues to spread clouds and rain. now up to memphis heading over nashville. also kentucky, mississippi, alabama and eventually atlanta will get some rain today. so here is your wednesday forecast. also stormy in the northwest.
going into a country and holding town meetings, the good will that she produced for the united states, i think it's hard to calculate and hard to qualify. i think in those two regards, she was pretty extraordinary. >> and the women's agenda, you're going to have the first ambassador for women going over to georgetown and creating an institute there of foreign policy regarding women. when we talk about pulling out of afghanistan, for instance, a lot of people are really concerned that it will end up being as it was when the taliban were in charge. and so the advancement of women's rights and human rights, i'm going to be interviewing secretary clinton tomorrow at the state department. so maybe we can pursue some of those questions. >> that will be amazing. >> i'll tell you, though, we're going to have to, though, wait until '16 to judge how she did because everybody was talking about benghazi. that's just a small, small part of the story. you look what's happening in egypt right now, the chaos in ee kwi egypt, the chaos in syria, possibly coming to jordan. you don't judge the secretary of
-off by the president of the united states. yesterday, lots of cash. >> yeah. looks like the obama campaign is going to retire her debt. according to bloomberg business week's josh green, a group of obama donors deciding to pay off the 2008 campaign debt she ran up which came to 250,000 bucks of last year. 120 people cut checks to pay off her bills. we will get into that story a little bit. put that something with the "60 minutes" view, a nice parting package for hillary clinton. >> no doubt about it. also outside washington, looks like gridlock finally getting set aside for a comprehensive immigration bill. we'll still see whether it passes or not. you had a lot of people in 2007 saying democrats and republicans had come together and then it was sidetracked. not so sure if that will happen again. certainly the republicans and president feeling like they may get a deal on immigration. >> yeah. the moment feels a little bit different. john mccain said on sunday we have to do something about the latino vote. president obama won 71% in the election a few months ago. he said today, the president is to u
neighborhood, one block behind the supreme court, three blocks away from the united states congress, kept getting held up. it happened time after time after time. and i eventually -- i eventually moved out to northern virginia. and i did so after a guy two blocks over and his girlfriend got held up and a guy pulled the trigger. and it jammed. and they were able to run away. these restrictive gun laws in and of themselves aren't going to do anything. and we have a constitution also that allows americans to have handguns. scalia was very specific about that. it's a difficult debate. but i can tell you, washington, d.c., at least where i live, was a more dangerous place because criminals could come into our neighborhoods, and they knew that nobody had guns in those neighborhoods. so in and of itself, in just these small contained areas, it's very dangerous. and the united states supreme court and the second amendment doesn't allow you to ban handguns. it just doesn't. scalia and the court was very clear on that. >> we're seeing people who we don't usually expect to speak out on this or to ev
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)